About Us


The Marshall Islands Red Cross Society (MIRCS) is a volunteer-based organization for the Republic of the Marshall Islands. By law, the RMI Government enacted the Red Cross Society on November 26th 2013, public law Nitijela Bill Marshall Islands Red Cross Society (Incorporation and Recognition) act 2013.

The Nitijela signed and ratified the Geneva Conventions on June 13th 2004.

The National Society supports vital public services through our volunteer organization.

We offer First Aid / CPR training for the public. As a Red Cross Society, we are the leading focal point in providing First Aid training for the public. Our goal is to ensure that at least one person per household is certified in First Aid and CPR.

The National Society supports the RMI Government through our Disaster Risk Reduction Program. Training neighboring island communities in Emergency Response Training.

Our Vision

To be a uniting organization for humanitarian efforts in the Marshall Islands guided by the Fundamental Principles and our cultural values to inspire, encourage, facilitate and promote the prevention and alleviation of human suffering.

Our Mission

To make our island nation more resilient and prepared for disasters,  emergencies, and health challenges through volunteering and community engagement.